Junior’s Entertainment Group Presents…

Junior’s Entertainment Group Presents...
Junior’s Entertainment Group Presents…

Junior’s Entertainment Group Presents… a mashup of all our bands put together. “Junior’s Band”, “The Ice Breakers Band”, “DenBowTie”, and “DJane Buxome” are the powerhouse frontline to Junior’s Entertainment. In addition, we also offer “Hora Loca”, “Hora Ibiza”, “Hora Rosa”, and “Hora Crystal”. A “Hora” is a designated set of specialized entertainment based on whichever one a client chooses. Any “Hora” may be set up with any band.

“Junior’s Band” is the most remarkable band we have to offer; a leader in crossover music meaning a mix of music from different cultures. “Junior’s Band” is able to perform in up to 6 different languages to fit our client’s needs. Also, the band takes a step forward beyond the private event business into producing original music and creating the movement of DOYO (Dancing On Your Own).

Next, “The Ice Breakers Band”. “The Ice Breakers” is an all American, classy, upscale band for private events. The style of the band encompasses a New York uptown vibe, therefore, playing a variety of music from artists such as Frank Sinatra all the way to Bruno Mars; this is the band for an event showcasing elegance and sophisticated fun.

Calling all millennials! “DenBowTie” is the definition of a pop-urban event band. Reggaeton is one of the hottest sensations of the 2000s. This band is for the young couple looking to escape from the old, typical wedding music. For example, the band alters all music to be in clean version to maintain elegance but still captivate what the new generation craves.

Lastly, “DJane Buxome”. The female DJane who is taking over social media like a wave. “DJane Buxome” is a hot sensation since the overall concept is the most unique in the business. Accompanying live instruments surrounding our trilingual DJane is sure to be a smash hit.

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